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We remain committed to building awesome step-in telemark ski bindings. Assembly and sales of SPIKE bindings is being handled by Ethan Dahl at Jay Cloud Cyclery.Please follow this link to Jay Cloud to discuss or purchase a pair of SPIKE bindings.

...wishing you a great season and lots of deep turns, Louis Dandurand MD, founder of Burnt Mtn Designs, designer of Telebulldog and SPIKE bindings.


When you order SPIKE bindings, please let us know your boot size, weight, whether you would like tour vs lift service bindings, and how aggressive of a skier you are.

 There is a 1 year warranty on SPIKE bindings.

For items not offered by Jay Cloud you may contact me at the email listed below.





Burnt Mtn Designs LLC

1904 Hazens Notch Road

Montgomery Center, Vermont  05471



Burnt Mountain Designs LLC is a limited liability company.  Skiing is an inherently dangerous sport.  We strive to make this product safe and reliable, but there are always unforeseen hazards.  Given enough time and stress, all equipment eventually fails.  There is no safety release on this binding.  Please be aware that if you choose to use of Burnt Mountain Designs LLC products, you do so at your own risk.  It is your responsibility to be familiar with your equipment, keep it in good condition, and use good judgment when skiing.         

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